We all know London’s housing system is broken

Is your rent too high? You’re not alone. Londoners face the highest rents in Europe and are now spending nearly two-thirds of the average income on rent. One in five of us who rent have serious hazards in our homes. Laws are written to suit landlords and many of us live with the thread of eviction. The housing market is stacked in favour of landlords and investors, who profit from the current system and pile up wealth at our expense. Our rigged housing system is making our city more unequal and is driving poverty and social cleansing.

Millions of people are trapped with high rents and poor conditions. Yet all over London, we see luxury developments springing up that none of us can afford to live in. The government isn’t doing anything about it: given that more than one third of Conservative MPs are landlords, maybe that’s no surprise.

Together we can transform the housing system

Imagine what could happen if renters join forces. We could support each other to stand up to landlords, and win lower rents, longer tenancies and better rights.

London Renters Union can give our housing system the reboot it needs. We aim to unite London’s 3 million renters and win better housing for everyone. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Community – we’re building a city-wide community of renters that speak and take action collectively.

Solidarity – we support one another with the housing problems we face, and work together to stand up to the landlords and lettings agents who exploit us.

Campaigning – we’re taking action and building power to transform the housing system so that it provides decent, affordable homes for everyone.

Who we are

London Renters Union has been set up by a coalition of individuals and groups including Radical Housing Network, Take Back The City, Generation Rent, Digs (Hackney Renters), and People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House (PEACH). Our advisory network includes the New Economics Organiser Network, the New Economics Foundation, Advice4Renters, and the Migrants Rights Network.

We’re working with housing activists and renters across London to establish branches all over our city. Our branches are supported by a number of working groups and a coordinating group that help with resources, training and fundraising.

We’re currently building our first pilot branch in Newham and we hope to have branches across the city by the end of 2018.

When you join the city-wide union you’ll also join a local branch that will meet for regular meetings and events, run campaigns and work together to support each other in housing issues. The Union is only as powerful as the people in it –- and we need you to be a part of it.


We’re building a union that belongs to its members. We’re a community of renters that looks after one another. We listen and learn from one another to build our power and take control of our lives. We want to create a community that recognises and challenges oppression and exploitation.

Read our values in full here.