Coordinating group

The London Renters Union is run by its members. We aim to hold regular member forums and all member assemblies to decide strategy and policies. The union’s coordinating group helps keep the union going in between those meetings.

The coordinating group is made up of 2 representatives of each branch and each working group and 3 members directly elected by the membership.

Up to 6 places are reserved for representatives of liberation caucuses if they are formed. Only 1 representative of each branch or working group may be someone who identifies as white and a cis-gendered man.

To contact the coordinating group, you can email cg@londonrentersunion.org.

The role of the coordinating group is to: 

  • Support effective coordination between branches and working groups
  • Uphold the values of the union, and ensure they are being upheld by branches, working groups and members
  • Oversee the implementation of decisions of all member meetings
  • Develop and oversee union strategies and policies in accordance with the values, objectives and democratic decisions of the union
  • Support the development of new branches
  • Ensure the sound management of the union’s financial resources
  • Ensure appropriate processes are in place for the management of union staff and the protection of personal information held by the union.

Current membership as of June 2022

  • Rushaa (Disability Justice caucus)
  • Janette (Disability Justice caucus)
  • Asif (Education working group)
  • Roya (Education working group)
  • Bekah (Member solidarity working group)
  • Aga (Hackney branch)
  • Charlie (Lewisham branch)
  • Ygerne (Lewisham branch)
  • Elizabeth W (Tower Hamlets branch)
  • Ali (Tower Hamlets branch)
  • Anabel (Haringey branch)
  • Gabriel (Haringey branch)
  • Elizabeth S (Brent branch)
  • Liam (directly elected at All Member Assembly 2021)
  • Joao (directly elected at All Member Assembly 2021)
  • Alva (directly elected Coordinating group convenor)
  • Daniel (directly elected Staffing and finance lead)



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