LRU roles elections spring 2022

May 5, 2022

Know you’re ready to put yourself forward for a role? Great! The nomination form is here.

Branch role elections

Over the coming month, LRU members will have the opportunity to put themselves forward for an elected role. Members who are elected to a role in their branch will be supported to develop their organising skills and build the power of the union.

If you think that you might like to plan a more active role in the union, read on for more information! We do our best to make the election process as simple and friendly as possible.

Everyone who is elected to a role will be given lots of support and training. They’ll be at least one full-day organising skills training over the summer.

The available roles are:

  • 2x coordinating group representatives
  • 2x branch secretary 
  • 4x membership and outreach lead
  • 2x membership and outreach secretary
  • 2 x member solidarity team lead
  • 2x campaigns lead
  • 2 x outreach team lead
  • Treasurer (optional) 
  • Communications officer (optional)

You should receive an email shortly with information about the meeting where voting will take place.

Click to read more detail about these roles ⬇️

2 x coordinating group representatives
Represents the branch’s issues, ideas and strategic thinking at the coordinating group and puts forward proposals from the branch at the CG.
Be a point of communication between the branch and coordinating group and other parts of the union including by giving an update and asking for issues to be raised at each branch meeting.

2x Branch secretary
Responsible for making sure the organising committee meets in a regular monthly slot and attending those meetings.
Sends out meeting calls for agenda items and proposals, announcements/newsletter and meeting minutes to branch members.

2x Outreach and membership secretary
Responsible for helping with the smooth running of key organising work of the branch.
Organises regular phone banking sessions and encourages branch members to attend.
Helps with the organisation of street outreach sessions e.g. organising a rota.

4x Outreach and membership lead
Outreach and membership leads are organisers who recruit renters to join the union and to support them to take part in the activities of the branch. This includes through stalls, door knocking, phone banking, building links with community groups and supporting new members to get active.

2 or 3 x member solidarity team lead
Organises a monthly team meeting. Support coordination of member solidarity activities such as disputes, eviction resistance, actions and peer support spaces with members.

2 x Campaigns leads
Supports the branch to run effective campaigns and attends meetings of the LRU campaigns committee.

Organising committee member (optional)
Attends organising committee meetings and takes on action points

Treasurer (optional)
Ensures that branch members are aware of the financial situation of the branch so it can plan accordingly. See agreement on how we spend money here. Helps members to make decisions about spending and claim back money spent.

Communications officer (optional)
Liaises with local media.
Runs social media accounts for the branch and is in touch with the LRU Communications Working Group.

How these elections will work 

At the next meeting of each group branch, members will have another chance to put themselves forward for the available positions. Each person who has put themselves forward will have a chance to speak about why they’d like to put themselves forward. The branch will then vote on whether to accept those members into the roles or whether to hold an online vote for that position. 

For branch representatives on the coordinating group, there will be an online vote if there are more than 2 nominations. To be eligible to put yourself forward, it’s normally expected that you will have been to 3 meetings in the last 6 months of the branch or working group you are looking to represent. The first meeting of the new coordinating group will take place on 13 June, 6-9pm. This process is based on the union’s rules for how we work together.

Branch representatives on the coordinating group

The coordinating group is the elected leadership of the LRU. It develops strategy and policies, manages finances and staff and carries out decisions made at our All Member Assembly. It also has a vital role to play in coordinating the work of the union across the city and making sure members across the union have their voice heard. You can read more about the coordinating group here.

LRU members Hackney, Newham & Leytonstone, Lewisham, Haringey and Tower Hamlets will all be electing new coordinating group representatives between now and June 13. These members will be on the coordinating group for 12 months.

If you’d like to put yourselves forward to be a representative on the coordinating group you need to do that using this form at the bottom of this page before the meeting where the election will take place.

If you think that you might like to be the representative of your branch on the coordinating group, that’s really exciting! We need the wonderful members in our branches to help build the power of the union in this way.

Directly elected coordinating group roles

In addition to the roles elected by branches, we’re also electing three other roles that were created by a motion we passed at our December 2021 All Member Assembly.

⭐️2x Coordinating Group Convenors: members of the coordinating group a specific focus on increasing coordinating group transparency and capacity by supporting other coordinating group members and to ensure everyone is able to participate as fully as possible.

⭐️2x Staffing and finance leads: coordinating our staffing and finance committee and supporting staff line managers and holding them to account.

In order for members to be eligible to stand for these roles, members need to be formally nominated at a meeting of their branch or working group, or nominated by 25 other members. To put yourself forward for these roles, use the form at the bottom of this page. Nominations will close and voting will open on Friday 27 May. Voting will close Friday 10 June.

Returning officers

Also, we’re also looking for someone to put themselves forward as ‘returning officer’, which means helping union staff to run the next set of elections we have. If you’d be up for that, please fill out the form below. Nominations will close and voting will open on Friday 27 May. Voting will close Friday 10 June.

Any questions?

Need help thinking about it? Would you like to talk to someone about it?

Union staff don’t get to vote and we’re here to help people to stand for election and to make sure it’s as relaxed as possible! So do get in touch by emailing Michael (coordinator@londonrentersunion.org) or Kenny (kenny@londonrentersunion.org) if you’d like to talk it through. If you’re interested in putting yourself forward or would like to chat about it more, please do get in touch!

Nomination form

To put yourself forward for one of these roles, fill out the form below.

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  • You can submit this form now and then speak to other members and find someone to nominate you later


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