What we’re fighting for

Jul 24, 2018 | News

Decent standards in housing
Minimum standards for all rented properties, with full monitoring and enforcement processes that listen to renters

Rent controls
Rents that take account of local incomes, decided by democratic bodies

Genuinely affordable housing
Housing that doesn’t impoverish us, whether to buy or to rent

Indefinite tenancies
End no fault (Section 21) evictions, remove end dates from tenancies, place limits on rent rises

No discrimination in access to housing
Forbid landlords discriminating against those on benefits (DSS), renters with children, those who can’t raise large deposits, or on grounds of identity

No borders in housing
End right to rent and nationality requirements for social housing, no border checks in licensing or enforcement regimes

Public housing available to all
End right to buy, fund councils to build and renovate good quality housing for their waiting lists, prioritising anyone vulnerable and in need

Housing for people not profit
End the politics and culture of property as investment rather than to house people

These demands were agreed at our first Member Forum which took place in Newham on July 4th 2018. They’ll continue to be discussed and developed by everyone in the union as we grow and learn. London Renters Union is member-led and member forums and meetings are key parts of the union’s democracy. 


We’re a members-led, campaigning union and we’re taking action to make sure all Londoners have a decent, affordable and secure home. Join our community today and become part of the movement to transform the housing system.

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Campaign paused while Mary awaits offer from Advance

LRU members met with Advance Glenisters on Monday to negotiate repayment for fellow member Mary, as part of an ongoing campaign challenging the discrimination faced by recipients of housing benefits. Following the meeting, the union has agreed to pause the campaign against the company until the weekend, when Advance agreed to make a clear repayment offer for some of the debts Mary incurred to pay the costs they demanded of her last year.

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