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When you join the London Renters Union, you're joining members-led, campaigning union. We support each other and we take action to make sure all Londoners have a decent, affordable and secure home.

Benefits of membership

  • Community: join a strong community of renters who take collective action and fight for each other. Regular meetings, socials and events.
  • Solidarity: you won’t be alone if you face a housing problem like your deposit being stolen, disrepair or the threat of eviction. You’ll get support from other London Renters Union members. Together we can stand up to your landlord or estate agent.
  • Campaigning: take part in campaigns to transform the housing system so that it provides decent, affordable homes for housing for everyone.
  • Voting rights at assemblies and meetings about campaigning priorities and what the union should do.
  • Regular trainings about our rights as renters, the housing system and how we can take collective action.
  • Membership of a branch if there’s one in your borough. Support in setting one up if there isn’t. We’re currently setting up branches in Newham & Leytonstone, Lewisham and Hackney and want to set up branches across the city.

If you’re ready to join, just fill out the form below. To find out a bit more first, check out our about page.

How much does it cost?

Membership of the London Renters Union is affordable. We suggest a monthly £10 fee, but you can choose your own fee and membership can cost as little as £4 per month, which works out as under £1 per week.

We have free memberships available for people who are unwaged and cannot afford to pay for their membership. Click here to find out more.

Who can join the London Renters Union?

We aim to unite London’s 3 million renters and win better housing for everyone!

Most of our members are renting privately from a landlord and we’re mainly focused on the private rented sector. People living in council or housing association accommodation are also very welcome to join, as are homeless people and others excluded from housing in London.

Home owners are welcome to join as solidarity members but will not be able to take part in union votes.

Landlords and people whose jobs involve evictions are not eligible to join.

To join today, just fill out the form below.

STEP 1 – Your details

  • We will always do our very best to keep the information we hold about you safe and secure. We will never share your data with any third party without asking you first. By joining the union, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

    By submitting this form, you confirm that you are not a landlord and that your job does not involve carrying out evictions.