Moving in to the ministry: End Unfair Evictions campaign take Section 21 removal van to MCHLG

Oct 13, 2019 | News

On Tuesday 8th October, campaigners from Generation Rent, London Renters Union and others turned up to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government offices to reissue their demand that the government should scrap the law allowing Landlords to evict tenants for no reason. Along with a removals van prop, they shared renters eviction stories on moving boxes.

Studies have shown this pernicious law is one of the leading causing of homelessness and has been used in revenge evictions in over 140,000 cases where the tenant has complained about conditions.

Earlier this year, Theresa May’s government announced that they would end Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act which allows Landlords to evict tenants without reason with only two months notice and seek to bring in open-ended tenancies. A couple months down the down the line, a consultation on this policy opened up.

However, since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, the government have been silent on the issue and campaigners fear they will give in to the landlord lobby and speed up other types of evictions and not protect tenants from potential rent rises that could still force tenants out.

A spokesperson for the campaign said:

“With other issues making the headlines at the moment, we felt the need to remind people of “No Fault” evictions, which haven’t gone away and still affect so many on a daily basis. What better way to show the stress of being forced to move through no fault of your own with a Section 21 removals van and powerful testimonies of evictions on moving boxes outside the Ministry of Housing. Renters need a housing a system that prioritises providing everyone with homes in which they can flourish and not have to worry about unaffordable rents and the threat of eviction. The government need to act now on this and we will continue to take action until we have a housing system that protects people over profit.”

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