LRU roles elections Spring 2021

The London Renters Union is currently holding elections for its coordinating group and for roles in branches.

Do you want to get more involved in running your branch of the London Renters Union? Do you want to get trained up to build people power? Do you want to support other members to get active in the union? If you think that you might like to plan a more active role in the union by taking on an elected role, that’s really exciting!

Available roles

If you’d like to put yourself forward for one of these roles, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Roles within branches: Our three main branches (Hackney, Lewisham and Newham & Leytonstone) are currently holding elections for roles within the branch. The aim of these elected roles is for role holders to empower and encourage members to organise and to bring members into union activity and to help facilitate different aspects of our organising. The roles that are available are:

  • 2x Coordinating group representative
  • 2x Branch secretary
  • 2x Membership officer
  • 2x Member solidarity team lead
  • 2x Outreach team lead
  • Treasurer
  • Communications officer

More information about these roles has been sent to members in our 3 branches by email. To request a copy, email hello@londonrentersunion.org. Members who put themselves forward for a role within a branch are strongly encouraged to apply to join our upcoming 8 week organising skills training. Places on this training are limited. 

Branch Coordinating Group representatives: Each of our three branches has two representatives on the union’s coordinating group who can take part in votes. The Coordinating Group plays a key role in the London Renters Union, supporting effective coordination between different parts of the union, implementing decisions made by members at the all member assembly and supporting the development and implementation of union strategies. If you think you might be interested, please check out the full description of the coordinating group here.

Working group coordinators: The work of the union is supported by a number of working groups that any member can join. We have working groups for Communications, Outreach, Member Solidarity, Education and Fundraising. Each of these working groups has one or two coordinators who help the working group get organised and who are also members of the union’s coordinating group.

Returning officer: helping union staff to run the next set of elections we have. This is a super important role!

How these elections will run

  • It’s normally expected that you will have been to 3 meetings in the last 6 months of the branch or working group you are looking to represent.
  • You have to have been a member for the last 3 months to vote or stand for the coordinating group.
  • At the next meeting of each working group and branch, members will have another chance to put themselves forward. Each person who has put themselves forward will have a chance to speak about why they’d like to put themselves forward.
  • If there are only two candidates, the meeting can vote to approve these two candidates. If this happens there isn’t an online vote. If there are more than two candidates at the end of the meeting, it moves to an online vote.
  • If a working group isn’t due or able to meet during, it won’t have any representation on the coordinating group until it meets next.
  • The first meeting of the new coordinating group will take place on October 5 6-9pm.

Fill out the form below to put yourself forward for a role

  • Branch roles

  • Directly elected coordinating group roles

  • For the convenor and staffing and finance lead roles, you must be nominated by a branch or working group or 25 members.


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Renters Reform workshop – Wednesday May 31 6:30pm

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