All Member Assembly 2020 summary

Jan 19, 2021

Summary of our all member assembly

On November 13, more than 200 LRU members gathered for our second All Member Assembly. It was a moving, uplifting day packed full of inspiring speeches and detailed conversations about how best we can build the power of renters in our city. Here’s a quick summary of what happened. 

Full minutes from the assembly are available to read here.

Session 1: opening presentations

We heard inspiring stories of successful organising and everything that we’ve achieved together from members of our coordinating group and each of our branches. Videos coming soon! 

Session 2: Finance, staffing and elections

We heard an update about the union’s finances, brief updates from the 4 incredible organisers who joined the LRU staff team this year. We also heard fantastic speeches from Josh and Arthur who were running to be elected to our coordinating group. Both have now been elected to our coordinating group. 

Session 3: Motions

We discussed 6 motions, five of which were adopted during the first round of voting. Following break out groups, the assembly also adopted an amended version of motion 5. 

You can read more details about the voting and the text of the motions passed here.


Motion 1: Local organizing of renters who are in arrears to build community eviction resistance proposed by Newham branch

The motion sets out steps the union will take to organise renters in arrears due to Coronavirus and resist evictions. 

The motion was passed in the first round of voting with 94% of votes in support.

Motion 2: Evictions, rent debt and disrepair campaign proposed by the Coordinating Group

Setting out steps the union will take to organise renters around the issues of rent arrears, eviction and disrepair locally and to put pressure on the government to introduce greater protections for renters and on its manifesto commitment to ban Section 21 evictions. 

Motion 3: Disability justice proposed by Education Working Group

To establish and resource a disability justice caucus and commit to a disability access audit and, acting on the outcome of the findings, ensure that the LRU is looking at our work through the lens of disability justice.

The motion passed in the first round of voting with 95% of votes in support. 

Motion 4: New branches & members proposed by New Groups Team/Tower Hamlets group

To establish a regular forum for members in areas where the LRU doesn’t currently have branches to provide a space for members to meet each other, get information on the union’s internal structures and collectively discuss organising. 

The motion passed in the first round of voting with 95% of votes in support. 

Motion 5: Change/Clarification of Membership Rules proposed by Lewisham Branch

To exclude from being eligible from LRU membership MPs, councillors, people who own or manage lettings agents, police and people who work in Immigration Enforcement and Border Force and/or make decisions about people’s residency status. 

This motion did not pass in the first round of voting, with only 57% of votes being cast in support. 

More than 80 people joined a break-out discussion to talk about possible amendments. Towards the end of the assembly, Motion 5 was adopted with the two following amendments:  

Amendment 1: amendment that the motion stands except MPs / Councillor line is removed.

Amendment 2: LRU revisit the question of MP and councilor membership and bring it back to another meeting of this kind for people to revisit in discussion about membership status.

Motion 6: Changes to the rules governing the Coordinating Group proposed by the Coordinating group

To extend the length of time that members are elected to the coordinating group from 6 months to 1 year, to provide additional support to members and prospective members of the coordinating group and to make coordinating group members recallable. 

The motion passed in the first round of voting with 86% of members present in support. 


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