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Eviction Resistance

At a time when lots of us are unable to pay rent, it’s important we get ready to support each other and prevent and resist evictions. Taking unified collective action is a way we can keep ourselves and each other safe.

Using our bodies to keep our each other safe

Unless the government makes the evictions ban permanent, many people face eviction by court bailiffs.

The London Renters Union and the wider housing movement has a track record of preventing bailiffs from evicting people by putting our bodies in the way. If a bailiff can’t enter a property because lots of people are in the way, they can’t use force to enter the property. Resisting bailiff evictions provides people with vital extra time in their home.

Download our eviction resistance leaflet to get a sense of what is involved.

Get trained up

We’ll be running training soon about how we can use our bodies to get in the way of bailiffs and prevent evictions. We’ll let you know when we’ve got a date for the training – look out for an email!

Our branches are building member solidarity teams that can provide support to renters to stay in their homes – join as an LRU member to get involved.

What to do next

Get involved

We can win, but we need you to get involved in your local area.

Find out more over at our Get Involved page

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Join a London Renters Union training

We’ll email you soon with details of meetings and training where you can find out more about the Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign and about your rights.

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We’ll call you to share information on your rights and invite you to meetings where you can get support.

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