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Do not leave just because your landlord says you have to!

Landlords must give you 3 months’ notice. Even then you do not have to leave by the notice date if you are not ready.

You cannot legally be evicted without a possession order issued by a court. A landlord can only go to court once the three month notice period is up.

A possession order takes weeks to get in normal circumstances. Right now, the government has told the court not to issue any new possession orders until at least August 25 and there is likely to be a huge backlog of cases for courts to hear.

Making your landlord get a possession order does not give you a criminal record, and it wins you more time.

Read more about your rights here. We have translated information into multiple languages.

If your landlord is trying to evict you and you need support from us:
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2. Fill out the form at our member solidarity page and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

These organisations provide advice services, including over the phone:

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