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The government’s summer statement promised that “no one will be left without hope”. But renters across the country know this isn’t true. The government has repeatedly ignored our problems; it has failed to freeze rents, cancel rent debt, and it will soon be reopening courts for repossession proceedings.

Unless the government changes course, thousands of our members who have become indebted to their landlords because of Covid could be at risk of eviction when the courts reopen on August 23.

Local councils have warned that half a million households could even face homelessness when the evictions ban is lifted.

We need to do everything we can to show that how the government is putting us at risk of rent debt, evictions and homelessness.

One easy way you can help keep up the pressure is by telling your story with a photo. 

  1. Tell your story by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign – If you’re in rent debt or at risk of eviction, please mention this on the sign. Even if you’re not in rent debt, it’s still important to speak out about the issues. It’s great if you are happy for the photo to include your face, but it’s also fine to take the photo so your face is hidden. 
  2. Upload the photo using the form below – We’re going to post as many of the photos as we can as part of a launch on August 1.
  3. Share the photo on your social media account – We’ll email you to remind you to post the photo on your own account on August 1. Remember to use the hashtag #cantpaywontpay.
  4. Spread the word – Encourage your friends, family and loved ones to share their stories, too! The more stories we share, the louder our collective voice is.
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  • Please describe the situation you're facing in one sentence - this will be published alongside the photo
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