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In 2017, Abdul’s landlord started harassing Abdul and his family.

Then the landlord decided he wanted to evict them, and he got violent.

But when the landlord turned up at the family’s home and started making threats, Abdul’s fellow LRU members came to the flat to help keep him and his family safe. And then they supported Abdul to take the issue to court.

It worked. Abdul got an injunction against his landlord. He forced the landlord to stop his threats and to stop trying to evict the family.

Time and time again, landlords back down when they see that we’re not alone. That’s the power of being in a union.

But now we need to change the whole housing system.

We’ve got a plan to expand our campaigning and organising. But to put it into action, we need you.

Join us – and become part of a movement that’s taking on landlords and winning – just like Abdul did.

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