Learning for Power

London Renters Union aims to be a learning organisation where members can deepen their understanding of the challenges we face and how to win. Some 'Learning for Power' educational events are archived here, along with other resources that may be useful to the membership.


Audio of Building a Better Housing future – a panel event held in July 2022 featuring Vicky Spratt, Lev Kerimol and Helen Bartlet

The text of a presentation on land ownership in the UK: Why don’t I own any land?


A history of community organising

Other struggles

Video of workshop on Berlin Housing Movement

Film on tenant organising in Oakland, California


London Renters Union Library

Housing history and struggle – an online resource list

There is also a library of real books available to borrow in the LRU office at Pelican House.

Other resources

Q&A on policy from LRU’s Side With Renters campaign

NEF Report on rent controls


We’re a members-led, campaigning union and we’re taking action to make sure all Londoners have a decent, affordable and secure home. Join our community today and become part of the movement to transform the housing system.


Organiser x 2

Organiser x 2

We’re now hiring two new organisers to help our members organise renters and build the power of the union

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