Form for street outreach/door knocking


  • Guide on how to have an outreach conversation here.
  • “We will store your information securely in a database. We will never share your data with any third party without asking you first. You will receive emails and phone calls from us. Does this all sound okay?”
  • Anyone who signs up for a free membership will also be asked to become a paying member at a later point.
  • Anyone who isn’t a landlord or involved in evictions as part of their job can be a member. If someone owns their home, they’ll be assigned a “solidarity membership”.

  • Basic info

  • Please do not enter a dummy entry like 'noemail@gmail.com'. Please enter phone number if member doesn't have an email address.
  • Further info

  • We need this to send you a membership pack!
    Give details in the box below. If this person is signing up as a member, someone will try to give them a call to share basic renters rights info and invite them to a meeting.
  • Notes for person filling out this form

  • If you think we should follow up with this person about the housing issues they're facing, please give details about the issue they're facing
  • What would they like to change about the housing system?
    If this person lives outside your borough/branch area but you want them to get updates and calls from your branch, tick one of the boxes below
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.