Take action: Ask your council to #SideWithRenters

Renters are growing our power and all the candidates want our votes in the local council elections in May.

The council elections in May are a once every four years opportunity to get local politicians to promise they’ll fight for a housing system that works for people not profit. 

We need councils to use their powers to hold landlords accountable when they break the rules. We need more social housing. We need councils to stop trying to force people out of their communities. As the cost of living crisis gets worse, we need councils to join us in calling for rent controls.

In the run up to the elections, we’re campaigning across London with events, protests, meetings and street stalls to fight for change.

You can help make it happen: enter your postcode below and use our tool to send a message to your local politicians and ask them to implement our demands if they are elected.

Click here to read information about the Brent campaign translated in 20 languages. Other boroughs have developed their own locally targetted campaigns.


We’re a members-led, campaigning union and we’re taking action to make sure all Londoners have a decent, affordable and secure home. Join our community today and become part of the movement to transform the housing system.