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Dec 3, 2021

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Motion 1 - campaigning for changes to the role that councils play in the housing system

Should we amend Motion 1 as proposed by the Hackney watch party?
Under 'No Forced Displacements': Make sure the council is giving appropriate weight to invisible disabilities such as chronic mental health when making housing offers (e.g. to prevent people being inappropriately discharged into the private sector)
Should we amend Motion 1 as proposed by the Disability Justice caucus?
Add additional priority demand to section 4 ‘What we can win’ called "More accessible housing and support"
Should we amend Motion 1 to include the following statement: “As part of this campaign, branches and groups would not be able to endorse councillor candidates or political parties”
Should we adopt Motion 1?

Motion 2 - Changes to the coordinating group

Should we amend Motion 2 to include "There will be a review ahead of next AMA to see if the change in structure has effectively increased involvement by black and brown and working class people"
Should we adopt Motion 2:



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Get Active Training, 29th January, 11am-1pm

Get Active Training, 29th January, 11am-1pm

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Member solidarity training 12 February 2022 11.30am-5pm

Member solidarity training 12 February 2022 11.30am-5pm

Our member solidarity training is for all members who want to support other renters with their housing issues, and stand up to landlords and letting agents. You will learn about renters rights, our member solidarity process, how to organise collective action, and what...

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Work with us

Work with us

We’re now hiring new staff to help our members organise renters and build the power of the union

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