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Dec 3, 2021

All members now have the chance to vote on motions and representatives to the coordinating group. Voting will be open until January 5.

If you already voted for the motions during the recent All Member Assembly, any new vote for the motions will replace your previous vote. If you haven’t received your voting code or have any questions, please email hello@londonrentersunion.org.


There were two motions introduced to the recent All Member Assembly. All members now have a chance to vote on whether these motions should be adopted.

Motion 1: Education Lead Proposal
Motion 2: Coordinating Group rule change proposed by Disability Justice Caucus

Coordinating group elections

The coordinating group is the elected leadership group of the London Renters Union. As part of the All Member Assembly, up to 3 general members of the coordinating group are elected. The one candidate who nominated themselves before the deadline is:

  • João Pena

If João receives more votes than “re-open nominations”, then he will be elected. If more votes are cast for “re-open nominations”, then a fresh election will take place.

Statement from Coordinating Group candidate Joao Pena

Hello My name is João Pena. I am putting myself forward to be in the coordinating group because I am very inspired by the LRU and all of our victories. I got involved in August 2021 and I have been following what the union has been doing since last year. I was evicted in August 2021 and the union’s support was really amazing and successful. Since then, I’ve been involved in a number of successful actions and campaigns. I’ve been a member of the coordinating group over the last year when we have been developing our strategy. I’m excited to remain on the coordinating group and for the future of the LRU.

Vote now

Motion 1 - Education lead proposal

Should we adopt Motion 1?

Motion 2 - Coordinating Group rule change proposed by Disability Justice Caucus

Should we adopt Motion 2:

Coordinating group elections

Candidate 1: Joao Pena



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