Can't Pay
Won't Pay

Worried about rent?

You’re not alone.

Huge numbers of us are in debt to our landlords. The government is failing to protect renters and is putting us in danger.

Fear of eviction and rent debt is forcing people to go out and work in unsafe conditions. We’re made to choose between paying rent or buying food and essentials.

But together we’re powerful.

You can keep enough of your rent so that you can afford food and essentials.

Together we can pressure the Government to introduce greater renter protections.

The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign is about supporting each other to stay safe and winning stronger protections for renters.

We can win, but we need you to get involved.

Our demands

1. Suspend Rent
2. No Rent Debt
3. Make The Eviction Ban Permanent
4. Introduce Rent Controls
5. No borders in housing
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