• This form is to add a new dispute to our database. We use it at branch meetings and other collective spaces to take down all the details we need to work out how best we can support a member.
  • If you’re using this form while in a branch meeting, check out this page for suggestions on how to run the break out group: https://bit.ly/2EQiOQt
  • To add a note to an existing dispute/case, you can use this form: https://londonrentersunion.org/mrst-46972/

  • Member contact details

    If we already have a member with this email address in our database, we will a new dispute to this member's record. If we don't, we'll create a new 'free' member.
  • Attachments

    If you have any scans or photos, you can upload them here
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  • Information about tenancy

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  • Thinking through leverage

    Answering these questions can help us think through the leverage we have or could have over the power holders involved
  • Don't worry if not - we can do more research later
  • Main issues

  • Tick all that apply
  • What's happening?

    When did the issue start?

    What outcome would the member like?

    What's already been done?

    Which other organisations are already involved?

    Has a Section 21 or Section 8 been issue? Is it valid? When does it expire?
  • Next steps

  • Are there any steps for the member to take next? e.g. dig out some paperwork, contact their landlord

    What next steps will we take as a member solidarity team? e.g. research the landlord, talk about the options in the MS team
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