Work to live: building power in your workplace and your neighbourhood

Apr 8, 2021 | events, News, Uncategorized

Monday 19th April 2021, 6-8pm

English / español

In London, most workers are renters. As renters on low wages, we are unable to access decent and safe housing. As workers, with a high percentage of our wages being spent on housing, we are more precarious and therefore less able to stand up to our bosses. Our employment is structurally interconnected with our housing. Landlords and bosses directly benefit and are getting rich from this cycle of insecurity and exploitation. COVID-19 has made us less secure. When furlough ends, it’s predicted there will be mass redundancies. Many people will find themselves unable to pay rent, will build up rent debt, and will face eviction.

It has never been more important to connect these struggles, to fight redundancies at work, and fight evictions in our neighbourhoods. As workers and renters, we need to work together to drive the changes in employment and housing we all so desperately need! 

Work to live is a special joint event by London Renters Union (LRU) and United Voices of the World (UVW). We will discuss how our struggles intersect, and strategize how we can build power both in our workplaces and in our neighbourhoods. There will be space for members from both organisations to share issues that are impacting you, there will be discussions on your employment rights and your renters rights.

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